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i have this poster in my room ^_^

Louis La Roche - The Wall (Shook Remix)

Louis La Roche - The Wall (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

Wall of Music.
All artwork and logos belong to the respected Artists. This is my tribute to those musicians.

What if they made a spinoff where 20 years later there’s a bunch of serial killings and Dexter decides to kill him but the serial killer turns out to be Harrison.


id watch that

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"Have you ever longed for anything like that?"

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"They make it look so easy, connecting with another human being, like it’s not the hardest thing in the world"

- Dexter (TV Series)

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You know you’re obsessed with a tv-show, when…


-you feel the emotions in every scene of an episode
- you want to spend every minute of a day thinking about it
- you wish to be one of the characters at one point of a particular episode (mostly intense love or sex scenes)
- you get hysterical when you can talk about it
- you actually start stalking it and/or its actors, just because you love them
- your favourite character dies and you cry like a baby and/or even contact someone to tell him this in tears

If you...


  • support gay rights
  • don’t discriminate based on gender, race, etc.
  • like to watch Netflix… a lot…
  • spend way too much time on the internet
  • have an unhealthy obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio
  • like any of the following fandoms:
  1. Sherlock (BBC)
  2. Hannibal (NBC)
  3. Avengers, X-Men, or any other…

double yammie.